Our environmental Impact


In 2003 when our business relocated to the new premises our electricity power consumption was no less than 5000kwh per month.

In 2009 after certain changes in how we operate and the introduction of LED lamps to certain areas of our business the electricity consumption was reduced to approximately 3400kwh per month.

In 2016  our electricity consumption is no more than 1800kwh-2500kwh per month (depending on the season). We succeeded this by the further use of LED lighting and by reducing the number of lamps that are in service during our operating hours.

We have already thought our next moves to reduce even further our electricity consumption.

Plastic consumption

Since 2009 we have introduced the usage of coffee mugs and glasses for our staff, thus eliminating the usage of plastic disposable cups.

Cardboard consumption

Since 2005 we keep most of the cardboard boxes, jiffy bags and packaging material that was being used by our suppliers and reuse it to send items of our own.

Printing Paper consumption

For our internal purposes we do not throw away paper that was printed with mistakes. We reprint on the other side. We also avoid printing without real need.

Paper bag consumption

We try to reduce the packaging paper served to our customers by providing them with bags when absolutely necessary or when requested by them.

Internal Network equipment

Since 2005 all our  servers and clients are programmed to switch off after a certain amount of time. Since October 2009 we have substituted our client computers with ones that have output 12V / 3A / 36W nominal power supply. Real consumption averages at around 15W/client. We still have in production all our servers since 2005, thus extending their lifespan by respecting the energy and materials that were used at the time of creation.

Pre-2009 clients that were put out of service were mostly given a new purpose either as a full machine if it was worth it or as spare parts thus extending their life even further.

Quality Products

We try to empower our customers by pre-selecting products for them that are durable, repairable  and can have a good lifespan. We also try to stand up for the customer and find ways to extend the life of their frames even after the official manufacturer has ceased supporting their product with spare parts. We either repair or find a custom part to extend the life of their frame.

There is still alot of work to be done within our company and especially within our industry regarding  biodegradable materials and we embrace positive steps as they happen.

Little by little change does happen.

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