Toraysee 2μm microfiber lens cloth – Dark Blue (3 pack)

Toraysee 2μm microfiber lens cloth – Dark Blue (3 pack)

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The world’s best cleaning cloth for your eyeglasses, made of 100% polyester ultra-fine microfiber (the world’s thinnest 2 micron meter) with a unique surface treatment which enhances its cleaning performance.

TORAYSEE is the best suitable cleaning cloth for your optical lens. Moreover, it’s good for cleaning Jewellery, Cameras, CD’s, DVDs, Mobile phone, Instruments, and so on.

-The ultra-fine microfiber cleans oil, fingerprints, and dust efficiently.
-Excellent cleaning performance can be maintained after the cloth has been washed.
-Even after repeated washing, high cleaning performance is still retained.
-Ultra-fine microfiber never scratches the coated surface.

Available Size: 19 x 19cm (7 1/2 x 7 1/2in)

Made in Japan.

*New old stock in mint condition.

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